Resources for DTS Chapters. Conclave Procedure Manual and National Officer Annual Visitation Report are currently not available online.  Contact a National Executive Council Member to obtain a copy of any needed published manuals or other materials not found.

The Official Jeweler of Delta Theta Sigma is Herff Jones Inc. Within Herff Jones, Inc are several divisions.  The Greek Division is the division that Delta Theta Sigma has an agreement with as is considered the official jeweler.

The address is:
Herff Jones, Inc - Greek Division
4601 West 62nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268


Delta Theta Sigma has their own online store at Herff Jones Inc. The store is set up to accommodate your chapter’s needs. NOTE: Any jewelry order problems are to be routed through the  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Purpose of Delta Theta Sigma

We, the members of Delta Theta Sigma Fraternity
in order to promote agriculture
to secure a higher degree of scholarship
to foster the spirit of brotherhood in our vocation
and to insure social and cultural unity
do promote our organization to the fulfillment of these ideals.